6 Reasons To Love Your Short Hair & Why I Cut Mine!


I mistakingly convinced myself that I could never get away with short hair. I would subtly think It looks great on her, but not on me. My face is too round. It will never work. I allowed the same voice that said short hair is the cutest cut on every woman who wears it to tell me that I shouldn’t dare. Umm…what?!

Once I noticed this double-standard, it was clear this was a personal challenge to overcome. I’m so happy I proved that voice wrong! The choice to cut my hair was both an emotional and literal weight off my shoulders.


It’s been two weeks since I took the plunge. Saying goodbye to my luscious locks and hello to the shortest cut I’ve had since grade school has given me many reasons to smile. Below are just a few!

1. It’s practical!  

If I accidentally leave a hair tie at home (which is rare but does happen on occasion) it’s less detrimental. If it’s a windy day out, my wild blown hair looks like a statement after a quick head shake rather than a matted entanglement.

2. It tricks people into thinking I put more effort into my hair than I do.

This is perfect for me because hair will always be the last thing I care about on a daily basis- just the way I am *shrugs*. I don’t leap out of bed at the chance to create effortless beach waves. I don’t even own hairspray. I’m all for getting a trim every few months if it means styling less and still achieving passable results. Call me lazy if you like because I call it genius.

3. It’s chic.

Long hair is often thought to be romantic and timeless. Well so is my wardrobe. Short hair gives me a smart edge and seriously balances out my otherwise conservative look. I just feel more intentional! 

4. It’s sassy, classy and a little bada**y

And this is nothing new. I got some inspiration from these fabulous gals I follow on instagram. Lovable fitness pop-starlet Haley Jordan, wellness and style blogger Meghan Dillon, bold and beautiful Chinae Alexander, creative cosmopolitan Estée Lalonde, business mentor and girl-trepreneur Liz White, and the founder of This Bar Saves Lives and ever lovely actress Kristen Bell to name a few. Okay, so they’re all blonde, but they’re also doing beyond amazing work right now. Yes, I wanted to join the club!

5. It gave me a huge confidence boost!

Not only do I feel like a whole new me, I feel like a better, more me like version of me. The spunk and youth associated with short hair matches my energy well. If you’re especially animated whenever you walk and talk like I am, I definitely recommend giving this a go! I also feel a little rebellious. Perhaps this is because it goes against the normal beauty standards? Not sure why though since so many women have short hair!

6. It’s healthy.

This is exactly what my mane needed after camping out in the California hills for months on end. The damage was bad and it was real and no hair product was going to help. I am reminded what it’s like to run my fingers through soft silky strands! The dead ends are not completely gone, but another hair appointment will be on the books soon enough as I plan to sport my short strands for a while.

On another note

Hair is such a personal thing. I can’t tell you what to do with yours. However, I strongly believe a change can be a good refresher and uplifter, no matter what that change may be for you. And who knows, it may be the way to a more you version of you!

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Mary Caitlin
Mary Caitlin

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  1. Taylor Peecksen
    April 20, 2018 / 10:25 pm

    I so agree and I’ve NEVER thought you’d look weird with short hair.

    • Mary Caitlin
      April 20, 2018 / 10:49 pm

      Thank you so much for thinking so! It was a personal problem for sure that was very subtle. I think it came about from all the articles saying that women with round faces shouldn’t have short hair. I was convinced my round cheeks would look rounder. When actually the shorter look frames me much better! Much love to you!!

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