Thrift Store Finds: Latest Haul Under $50

Let’s not underestimate the good ol’ adventure that is thrift shopping. Treasures lie in every nook and cranny waiting to be discovered. There’s history everywhere, but the stories behind the objects mostly remain a mystery. {Ooh, ahh}. I recently visited a store on a whim but with a goal to find pieces that match my personal style.

Read about how I defined my personal style and began curating my closet here.

And me oh my! Community Thrift near Castro is probably my new favorite thrift store. They offer a unique, widespread selection of absolutely everything one could hope for when scavenging through San Franciscan’s previously owned eclectics.

Let’s pop some tags, shall we?

Geometric Knit Icy Blue Sweater, Mossimo Supply

Thrift Store price of $7 – Estimated Retail Value of $25

Timeless, comfy, cozy. I especially like the geometric knitting that gives it that little extra something. Also the line running down the middle helps accent my shape just enough, which is more than I can ask from an oversized sweater.

Classic Keds

Thrift Store price of $4.25 – Estimated Retail Value of $40

I’m so thrilled to get my kicks back on for an eighth of what I paid before! I last owned a pair of these back in high school until they were too stained to help. Such is the price to pay for wearing white shoes. Also, these look older than my first pair. I get the feeling they date back to the 90’s or earlier, but with a little research, I still can’t be certain. Models from past generations are frequently re-released.

Mustard Mini Dress w/ Chiffon Sleeve, Alice Moon by Moon Collection

Thrift Store price of $14 – Estimated Retail Value $60

I love the versatility of this dress. It will be perfect for date night or a picnic in the park or nearly anything depending how I style it. The femininity is striking with just the perfect about of flair at the bottom to balance out my shape. There are more pictures of accessories I paired it with below.

Red Felt Hat, Helen Kaminski

Thrift Store price of $6 – Estimated Retail Value of $300

This hat was a fabulous find. I knew it was quality right away, but I would not have guessed it would be sold at such a high retail value. I found it waiting for me at the bottom of a storage box that had yet to be sorted through. As bold as this hat may seem, it actually pairs well with most of what’s in my closet. I’m in love and sure to outwear it shamelessly.

B&W Plaid Peplum Flounce Tank, Banana Republic

Thrift Store price of $7 – Estimated Retail Value of $78

Ivory Leather Loafers, Red Cross Shoes ‘Comfort Fit’

Thrift Store price of $4.25 – Estimated Retail Value of $80

Okay, I was definitely on a white shoe craze. But how adorable and low maintenance are these?! Plus, these shoes are so comfortable. I did all my thrifting while wearing them, only to take them off at the register.

Tribal Knit Poncho, Atmosphere

Bought at $7 – Estimated Retail Value of $40

Perfect throw over for almost anything and gives me those boho vibes I love.

Total cost = $49.5 | Total estimated retail value = $623 | Total ‘savings’ = $573.5

The pieces I found are colorful while easy to mix into my current wardrobe. They’re quickly becoming essentials in my closet and best of all, this entire haul was just under $50.

Do you enjoy thrift shopping? If so, what is one of your favorite finds?

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