All About Moodiez: My New Favorite Face Masks!

Moodiez Organic Skincare is a relatively new skincare company, offering a carefully curated range of body, face, and bath products. I tried their coffee based mask with application pack for the first time this week. And wow, we need to have a chat about these heaven sent face masks. I’m so excited to share this with y’all!

I was immediately impressed with the product and the standards of the company- especially their ingredient commitment. If you’re looking for a mask that’s organic, vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable and small batch, look no further because Moodiez is the real deal. And yes, there are masks for all skin types!

Keep reading to find out just what makes Moodiez so unique and why their face mask is my new fave! Complete with moody photos to stay in theme, naturally.

Side bar: If you watch my Instagram stories, you might have noticed a whole spread on the Moodiez face mask pack yesterday. Needless to say, it was a long story with a lot of information that is better applied to a blog post.

The Mask + Base Pack

The package arrived yesterday in an adorable purple reflective pouch. Inside was another pouch, this one a pink organza with a drawstring ribbon. So cute! I opened the pink pouch to find everything needed for a successful date night with my skin including:

  1. A Mask. Mine included the mask Awake made with Cocoa powder, Coconut powder, Coffee, and Oatmeal. Packs come with a dry mask of your choosing, all of which are named after different moods! Eg: Accomplished to Giddy. You can see all of the mask ‘moodz’ here.
  2. Facial Mask Base to create a paste when mixed with the mask powder. The mask can be whisked with water, but the Moodiez base is pretty luxurious as it’s full of vitamins and doubles as a toner. It is made with all organic goodies including: Aloe Leaf Juice, Rose Distillate, Bilberry Extract, Orange Cane Sugar Extract, Sugar Maple Extract, Orange Fruit Extract, Lemon Extract, Cranberry Extract, White Willow Bark Extract, Tea Tree Essential Oil and Coconut Water.         

  3. Pink tipped brush for easy application. This is a simple, convenient tool to have included with the kit. I personally plan to invest in a wooden brush for long-term use but the handle is a heavy plastic and can be used multiple times. Plus the compact size is perfect for targeting smaller areas of the face like the bridge of the nose.
  4. A wooden spoon for mixing. Moodiez discourages mixing products with metal as heavy metals can negatively react with the ingredients, deactivating benefits.
  5. Extra goodies including mixing directions, a Moodiez logo sticker- totally going on my laptop, business card and a handwritten thank you card (not pictured). They did a nice job on the personal touches!

Why the mix?

The big question I had prior to using this mask was why keep the mask and the base separate? Is it the same reason dry and wet ingredients are kept in different bowls when baking a cake? Turns out there are two major reasons for this.

Not only does it allow the user to choose the best consistency for her or him, but it means a longer shelf life for the mask. I could theoretically hoard these for years and the product would not loose any beneficial properties. Also, it’s really fun to be involved with your skincare and pretend you’re a beauty guru as you mix.

Depending on your skins needs, you can actually save product. I used about half of the standard sized 40 ml bottle for my first mask which was too much for me. I’m guessing I could get as many as 4 uses from one bottle if I’m frugal. It’s really up to you.

Update: I’ve been using way too much and should be able to get up to 15 masks from a 40ml bottle. Opps.

I recommend using two teaspoons of dry ingredients and as much liquid as possible to get the most out of your mask!

The Experience

I liked Moodiez as a company right away. Some quick research delivered promising findings like a girl-powered company that values mindfulness, holistic health and legitimate natural beauty recipes. However, none of that really matters if the product doesn’t hold up.

Okay, so I admittedly had high expectations.

Thankfully, my skin felt energized within a minute of fully covering my face. I understand why this one is named Awake! It feels alive, activated by a cool, calm sensation as though splashing my face with fresh spring water.

It should also be noted that this mask comes off well. The mask remained conveniently thick when extra moisture was applied, making it easy to remove with a warm, wet towel to avoid the muddy mess. Not everyone cares about this, however, I love when my skincare runs down my sink instead of my elbows.

There is a difference in my complexion after one use. My skin feels renewed and honestly looks so good I didn’t want to put foundation on after! I didn’t experience any unwanted tightness that sometimes happens after use of a harsh mask or cleanse with unfamiliar ingredients. My face wasn’t irritated or red as though stripped of a few layers too many.

This is the most soothing + effective natural mask I have ever used!

The Skinny

I have been struggling with my skin since moving to the West Coast a few months ago, experiencing acne (for the first time ever) followed by dryness. Then just today, I received a DM from a girl struggling with a similar problem asking me how my skin looks so good. I’m not kidding. My mind was blown. This is a perfect example of Instagram vs real life, but that’s a topic for another day.

I gave her every product I have used since my move, hoping it might help. I also told her about Moodiez as it is now the cherry on top of my skin care routine.

Maybe I got lucky and Awake is the best mask for my skin type. Though I think it’s more likely that these are quality products made with a lot of love and intention.

The Big Mood Rundown

moody face mask selfie
  • You can create you own mask. That’s right, you can select a base, superfood, plant/herb, mineral, clay/ancient grain, and flower as well as let Moodiez know your skin type and for a mask that is perfectly catered to you skin needs.
  • They offer a personalized PMS package to help with symptoms like cramps, acne, aches/pains, hormonal imbalance and mood swings. Each package is uniquely curated, depending your symptoms and needs.
  • Their skin care line is inspired by Ayurvedic teachings. Believing that all things in the universe are connected, they use natural remedies to as a way to better connect self to environment, balancing our life and therefore our skin.
  • You can recycle containers for FREE masks. This is a new program they started this week. If you turn in six containers from any of their products, you can get a free mask.

Some Parting Awesomeness (aka discount codes)

moodiez face mask kit

There is so much to love about this growing company! After my first mask experience, I’m excited to try more Moodiez products. Here are a few goodies for y’all.

Use code SPRING2018 for 15% off your entire order up until April 30th.

Join their Birthday Club to receive 30% off when you sign up and surprise rewards the week of your birthday. Promo codes are received by email.

Use code MADETHISMASK to receive 10% off the first face mask you create. It is not certain how long this promotion is running but as it started March 29th, there should still be plenty of time.

Tip: They usually have coupons readily available on their Instagram Highlights @therealmoodiez.

Ready to try this awesomeness for yourself? Go here to find your mask!

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Disclosure: I received a free mask + base pack in exchange for a picture of me using the product for the purposes of the Moodiez Instagram account (@therealmoodiez). However, this blog post is entirely my own idea and all opinions are 100% my own. I am not receiving compensation for this. You can read Rosy Remedy's full disclosure policy here.

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