In Bed With Betty: Connection through Meditation

It’s 6:55am. A creek flows, a breeze blows, and church bells toll in the background. This is the sound of my alarm gently letting me know that it’s time to put on my headphones, grab my phone and prepare for the day’s meditation in bed aka beditation. Half begrudgingly, I turn onto my back to ensure I don’t fall back asleep, which will happen if I remain on my side. Thankfully sitting up isn’t necessary for the practice. You’ve probably gathered that I’m not a morning person.

With a handful of willpower, I ignore the world’s new invitations, such as DM’s and emails. I tune into the Instagram live, and after greeting the community and answering a check-in question, I relax into my space, palms facing up. 10 minutes later, I’m onto the rest of my morning routine with a positive and centered state of mind. Here’s what happened in-between.

Introducing ‘In Bed With Betty’

a subscription based community that meets up on a private Instagram Live every Monday-Friday for quick & creative meditation sessions, with the option to watch every hour between 6-7am. No worries if I sleep in as the last Live ‘beditation’ is uploaded to stories to watch at anytime that day, like when winding down for bed.

Before you roll your eyes at the mention of meditation (like I used to, admittedly) you should know that Anita Cheung, the founder, face and brain child of Betty is on a mission to make this mindfulness practice fun and accessible. 

According to Anita, “the power of Betty rests in 5 key points.”

1.) Live meditations that change daily in accordance to what’s happening in the world

For example, there may be a gratitude meditation on Tuesday, a sound meditation on Wednesday, and a meditation recognizing fears and releasing judgement on Thursday. Friday is always Feel Good Friday 🙂 No matter the focus, Anita guides the practice with a soothing timbre.

2.) Feel Seen: Someone cares whether or not you show up and will follow up with you if you are MIA for a few weeks to make sure you’re taking care of yourself.

Anita has reached out to me several times to invite me to the next day’s meditation. She’s even taken the time to welcome me back if I’ve shown up for a meditation after a week of absence. It’s always very friendly and never felt invasive. The community is small and she’s developed a relationship with every subscriber. Anita is someone who cares; her principles are a driving force behind a developing culture. It speaks miles of the community,  shaped by these values.

3.) Feel Connected by getting to know others in the Betty Community through daily check-in questions. It’s like waking up in a slumber party but you get to sleep in your own bed.

I live for these questions! It’s always a surprise. We’ve been asked what is the first thing I do when I come home and what is my favorite flower. As silly as they can sometimes be, they’re often connected to the theme for the day. This morning’s question was “What shampoo do you use?” followed by a visualization meditation.

meditation betty clear tote

4.) Feel Inspired: every Betty Broadcast ends with a take-away piece. Typically food for thought, uplifting news of the day, an interesting video or article, maybe a quote, or a recommendation for an IG account to follow. Every Friday, this curated list gets sent out along with the subscriber’s points balance. 

Unfortunately, Betty doesn’t happen on weekends. But Anita deserves those days just for having her eyebrows camera ready at 5:45am every Monday though Friday. Bless. It’s no wonder she describes herself as “a solar powered nap queen”.

In all seriousness, the weekend bulletin could be a subscription all on its own. Expect to see resources of all mediums curated from all parts of the internet from The New York Times to Spotify to saved meditations to rewatch: all with a purpose to shift our perspective and make living in this world a little more joyful and tolerable.

Source: IG @meet.betty

As the Instagram account that the service runs through is private, I recommend checking out @meet.betty, the public account, for some sweet inspiration. And as Betty puts it, you have to meet someone before you get in bed with them.

5.) The Power of Routine: Sometimes, especially for those struggling with their mental health and illness, it’s just about finding something to get you up in the morning. 

Why Betty?

I’ve been dropping into beditations for the last 2 months now. As a girl who loves her remedies {wink}, In Bed With Betty is one of the most unique and special ones I’ve ever introduced into my routine. It’s spoken to me in a deeply personal way and invited me to open up parts of myself I’ve never previously acknowledged.

For Anita, it’s also personal.

“Meditation saved my life,” she says, “It wasn’t until my early 20s when I was told I had depression, and it was only after I confessed to being suicidal that I was referred to a therapist who would teach me the meditation tools that have taught me to manage my mental health.”

She goes on to say on her website, “I can remember being in the thick of it all, body numb, and thinking to myself ‘I really, really, hope that no one else feels this way.” Betty isn’t the meditation app on your phone. It’s a way to maybe help us feel a little less alone.

If Betty is something you’d enjoy, use code MEANDBETTY15 for the first month free! Every following month is less than the price of a standard Netflix subscription (or 1.6 Starbucks lattes). Bonus: Every day of meditation is a point which accumulates for fun surprises like playlists and eventually Betty swag. Yay!

Have ya’ll ever tried meditation? What are your thoughts around it?


Mary Caitlin

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