Lite, Nutritious Eats For When You’re Busy or Lazy

I say that I never miss a meal. Oh boy, do I love food! However, more accurate to say is I never intentionally miss a meal. There are days that work takes over my brain and I forget to eat. This is not good for a variety of reasons. Thankfully it’s not something I make a habit of but it does happen on occasion. On the flip side, there are days in which I have plenty of time and I just don’t feel like cooking. Meal prepping is so great for this! But unfortunately, I can’t always do this from lack of time or fridge space.

So whether you don’t have time or just don’t feel like it, here is a list of my favorite lazy eats!*

Each is nutritious and heavy enough to hit the spot. They are organized from most to least amount of effort. So if your level of laziness is blowing off your skin regime for a night or waiting for the force to move your clothes from the washer to the drier, sit tight! 😉

Homemade “Gwak”

In quotes and abbreviated into a silly spelling because this version is so lazy, the Kardashians wouldn’t ask their onsite chef to make it for them and therefore, it should’t be taken seriously.

We are going to ignore the “do” in Avocado. (More like Avacadon’t. Or Avacado-nut? Please excuse my brain.)

Here’s the gist: Break open that fresh avocado then sprinkle salt and pepper on top. Add lime juice if you want to show off. Using the skin as a bowl, smash it all up with a spoon. Keep the pit in as it’s too much effort to remove it and it helps fight browning anyway. Grab dipping food of choice or eat as is. Ta-da!

Effort score out of 10 maximum: 5 for use of multiple ingredients

  • Lazy Seasoning Bonus: Add onion powder– not salt – for an awesome kick to this faux guac or anything else! Onion powder seasoning is a great way to add maximum flavor without modifying your taste buds in the same way processed salt does and without taking the time and effort to chop up an onion. Real onion has so many health benefits so the powder isn’t a long-term replacement. But we’re ignoring that for this post!

Boiled Eggs

This one gets an effort score of 4 as you do have to boil them. They made it on the list because they are delicious, healthy, easy and you can have them waiting in the fridge all week long, ready to go! I recommend making them when you feel like accomplishing stuff so you can reap the rewards when you don’t.

Effort score: 4

  • Lazy Condiment Bonus: Nutritional Yeast! Loveably nicknamed vegan cheese, this goes great on nearly everything from popcorn to sautéed veggies. You can even sprinkle it on boiled eggs and pretend it’s a big deal. If you’ve got a long day ahead, this will help keep you focused and energized as it’s full of vitamin B12 and other B Vitamins.


This is almost always my first pick! It’s so easy to pull this tub of basically pureed chickpeas out of the fridge. It receives a score of 3 because while it pairs up with just about everything from veggies to pita, it’s ideal to have a food for dipping which means leaving the kitchen with multiple items. Plus, you might not finish it in one sitting and have to return the container back to the fridge.

Effort score: 3

  • Lazy Seasoning Condiment: Sriracha. No need to keep it refrigerated. If you’re like me and bought the plain hummus to save a buck or want to add an extra kick to the roasted red pepper, sriracha is the answer.


Yogurt promises to leave your stomach satisfied and give you positive vibes. Be ready to walk to the fridge to get it, grab a spoon on the way back and tear back that pesky aluminum foil!

Effort score: 2

Protein/Breakfast/Meal Bars

Depending on the packaging, meal bars might be tricky for the lazy individual. Have scissors available just in case. Clif Bars are so yummy but I can’t always finish them. My favorites are the Chocolate Brownie Clif Kid’s ZBars. They are not the healthiest option, but I can get my chocolate fix and a protein boost at the same time!

Effort: potential 1

Alternative methods:


If nothing else sounds good in the current predicament and you have the funds, it may be the logical choice.

Effort: 2 to find what you want on the menu and find your wallet. 0.5 if the Dominos Pizza emoji is used.

Call up your best friend, significant other or personal chef and ask them to do it for you!

Effort: 1 for talking to people and asking for something.

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This was written with love and a sense of humor. Please take this with a grain of salt when you're done adding it to your avocado. This is NOT a sponsored post. Please read Rosy Remedy's full disclosure here.  

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