BioClarity Review: Clearing Things Up

I held off on writing this because I wasn’t sure if I would continue another 30 days of BioClarity’s skincare treatment. It crossed my mind that perhaps my experience was a fluke and I should give it another go.

It also made me nervous to write this review only a few weeks after Rosy Remedy went live. (As a general rule, I believe we can all catch more butterflies with honey.)

Whatever way you put it, I was uninspired.

Then I considered two things. The first that BioClarity has swept across thousands of Influencer’s Instagram grids with glowing reviews. The second that I am not an ambassador of BioClarity and I have the ability to speak freely on the matter. Both are all the more reason to share my opinion and why I am sharing my experience with you now.

Shall we? I think we shall…

What is BioClarity?

Off the bat, it is a three-step acne and skincare treatment routine with “the smarts of science and the power of plants’.  It is vegan, plant based and cruelty free. The steps/products for the acne routine include:

Step One: Cleanse w/ Cucumber, Green Tea + Chamomile Cleans

To be used twice daily. 2.25 oz included with routine. Light, simple, and soothing.

Step Two: Treat w/ 2% Salicylic Acid + Oat Kernel Acne Treatment Gel 

To be first applied once daily and then twice, however limited to every other day if excessive dryness/peeling occurs. 1 oz included with routine. Gel must dry before moving on.

Step Three: Restore w/ Floralux Restorative Gel

1-2 pumps to be applied morning and night. 1 oz included with routine. Floralux (chlorophyllin-copper complex) is the highlighted ingredient of the skincare line as it helps reduce redness, pore size and may even act as an antioxidant. This copper compound is the FDA approved as non-toxic.

Optional Add-On: Hydrate w/ Skin Smoothie moisturizer

Optional to add as a fourth step to the acne treatment. It is also included with BioClarity’s Essentials Routine, replacing the treatment gel from step two. They were nice to send a sample packet with the 30 day box, not pictured. This was my favorite BioClarity product by far. I’m tempted to buy it individually for it’s luxurious texture.

All items arrived in a 100% recyclable cardboard packaging with a canvas drawstring bag to house the skin routine. Love, love!

You may read more details on BioClarity products here.

My Skin’s Story

My skin is normally oily. Though since moving to the California from Georgia, it experiences excessive dryness, breakouts, and moderate acne. I’ve been trying to get it under control, but my skin seems to think I’m still 17 and not 23.

Before treatment I experienced a moderate case of hormonal acne mostly along my hairline and cheeks, blackheads on my nose, and papule clusters along my jaw line.

I had the same red bump clusters + uncomfortable inflammation for months. Once I realized this problem wouldn’t go away on its own and saw some of my favorite bloggers rave about this ‘green’ treatment, I subscribed to BioClarity.

[Pictured above, worst breakout since using product, mostly due to rise in hormones and all the chocolate I ate the day before. I have on no face makeup but added lipstick, mascara and light eyeshadow.]

My Experience: Clean, Green, Sometimes Mean

Week one

The first week was a dream. Redness cut back overall and most importantly the irritated clusters at my jawline faded. I could touch my face with no discomfort and go out in public without wearing heavy make-up in confidence! I was beyond giddy with my ‘healthy, beautiful balanced skin’ to summarize their advertising.

Week two

I was so excited with the progress that I decided to share a short video of me smearing the Floralux across my cheeks with my followers on Instagram [seen above]. Two minutes later when I blended the product out, my face tingled aggressively.

Hoping the Skin Smoothie moisturizer I had used previously might subside the burning sensation, I layered it on top. My cheeks burned, inflamed with irritation and appeared comparable to a mild case of rosacea.

This subsided within 10 minutes, but it was odd as I had been using these products for weeks and not experienced anything close to uncomfortable. The information provided recommends changing routine frequency if excessive dryness occurs. However, nothing is mentioned about redness or irritation which to me is unsettling.

The Skinny: Is ‘BioClarity Clear’ clear enough?

I’m about 89% positive this negative moment only occurred because I paused to take a selfie. However, this should be listed as a possible side affect on the packaging. Especially when so many customers are taking selfies and creating content centered around using/wearing the product.

Which wouldn’t hold so much weight except photos of influential women wearing the Floralux is a cornerstone of BioClarity’s visual marketing. Customers are simply doing the same as BioClarity models and Influencers who’s sponsored content is compensated and/or paid by BioClarity. 

Shouldn’t it clearly state, alongside the other possible side effects included with BioClarity products, the possibility of irritation, no matter if blended immediately?

For Example

  • Kate Somerville’s exfoliant “Exfolikate” which is also green and made with chlorophyllin-copper complex  (aka the ingredient that is the secret to BioClarity’s Floralux) happens to mention that the “product may cause the skin to tingle and flush for a short time” directly on the box. Wow, it’s tingly! But expected. ALSO, this product rinses off after use instead of blending and another option is available for sensitive skin.
  • LipSense is a lipstick I’m loving right now. It tingles when applied due to SD40, a cosmetic grade alcohol that kills bacteria. I know because the packaging told me.

And the list could go on. Those are two examples of products added to my shelf this month.

This lack of transparency is enough for me to wonder if any other surprise side effects will occur with further use. Is the product as clear as my skin? I’m just not sure.

Final Impressions

It’s safe to say that my skin looks great! The clusters along my jawline disappeared completely. My face is free of acne most days and experiences mild acne at worst.

 [Above, no makeup, white balance and details adjusted for clarity.]

I cut back on the routine use to once per day instead of twice. No burning or other negative incidents occurred again during my 30 day trial. This is one of the lowest risk acne treatment options available. That said, I cannot support this product wholeheartedly. I will keep it on the shelf, but continue looking for something that better fits my skins needs.

A lot of people enjoy this product and don’t have any issues at all. This is definitely an option to consider for the ease and price point. The routine is straight forward and manageable. Many Influencers can offer a code for 50% off the first box.

My personal takeaway is BioClarity has deepened my relationship with my skin. It is complex and takes more than an easy fix to perfect. This experience is yet another example of how I must listen to the signals my body sends me and change my habits based on need to truly achieve a healthy, beautiful, balanced life.

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