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Lifestyle blogger and creator at Rosy Remedy, exploring the connection between intention, authenticity and happiness. On the hunt for small moments, big water, everything vintage and the best dry cappuccino in the Galaxy.

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In Bed With Betty: Connection through Meditation

It’s 6:55am. A creek flows, a breeze blows, and church bells toll in the background. This is the sound of my alarm gently letting me know that it’s time to put on my headphones, grab my phone and prepare for…


The Art of One Bag Travel

Face it, you’re carrying too much sh*t. That’s what I told myself right before challenging myself to something I’d never done in my travels. Sure, I’d gradually, proudly shed away a few of my possessions with every destination. A few…


Kencko Instant Organic Fruit and Veg Drinks: Servings for Every Body.

We all know to eat our fruits and vegetables…right? It’s one of the first rules recited to us as kids. It’s repeated enough times to make us sigh and role our eyes into the back of our heads. And yet,…


How I Clear Up Adult Acne Naturally: A Comprehensive Guide

Having acne in your mid twenties (or at any age) is an embarrassing nightmare. It’s easy to fall into the trap of judgement and/or comparison, thinking acne results from unhealthy choices or lack of cleanliness and that clear skin would…


An Afternoon In Bernal Heights

Just outside of the center of San Francisco sits the neighborhood of Bernal Heights. It’s a great way to get that SF charm (because it is SF) but still feel like you’ve escaped the city. If this sounds like your…


7 Apps for a Healthy Morning Routine

While I try to limit phone time in the early AM, I believe technology can be integrated into our morning routines for an easier beginning to the day. Every routine, however, requires discipline and it’s important to use an app…


Why I Wear These Everyday

They glisten fantastically from my fingers as I type these words. They mean so much to me even though I’m not a ‘jewelry person’ meaning I don’t use jewelry as a primary way to express myself. However, I wear these…


How To Handle Your Haters

Well, it finally happened. Not quite three months since the launch of Rosy Remedy and someone attempted to crush my dreams. It just happened to be a wolf in family clothing. Let me explain… I was on the phone with…


Menstruation Information: How I Improved My Last Period

Let’s talk about menstruation. Got your attention? Good.  I’ve been off the radar this week, not posting blog content and not engaging a lot on Instagram. Which I have to remind myself that it’s perfectly okay to take breaks from…


How To Date Yourself: A Dozen Ideas To Do + Love Quiz!

We all know what a date is because we see it in movies all the time, right? Two crazy hot adult actors kids fall head over heels and go out on a date to get to know one another. Dinner…


Not Like Grandma Used to Make: Asian Salad Recipe With Cabbage & Ramen Noodles

Welcome to the first installment of the Not Like Grandma Used to Make series where I reinvent a family recipe with a modern twist! Grandma’s cooking is so good, but let’s be honest: The recipes that call for a cup…


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