About Me

Hi, there! I’m Mary Caitlin, a twenty-something blogger gal with a lot a enthusiasm living in San Francisco. Some things I love are extra dry cappuccinos, writing lists and including retro pieces into the everyday.

I grew up in a quaint southern town in Georgia, by the seaside. My sheltered life of homeschooling, island living and Christian company pretty much made for the best childhood ever.

Life hit hard after school and I felt lost, without the basic life skills necessary to make it – which I now know to hold less value than I used to think.

This hurts me to think about even now. I had prided myself on keeping it together and being accomplished. Yet I didn’t have a clue what tools I needed to be happy.

This realization ignited my soul to seek truth, inner peace, healthy habits and above all love. 

About Rosy Remedy

Fast forward through lots of trial, triumph, and travel and I now live in California, blogging about the ideas in my head and the moments in-between. My life isn’t perfect, but I recognize the beauty all around me which is often all we need. I’m living for myself and I’ve never been happier or more sure of the direction I’m taking.

Rosy Remedy will focus on things like how to get the most out of little moments, big adventures on a budget, wellness & self-care, simple & yummy recipes to make at home, and how I’ve overcome my own struggles…all so that you may experience more joy.

My goal is to always be honest with you. I feel our hearts are too fragile not to be. My hope is to offer you motivation. This is the cornerstone behind every top 10 list or how-to.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, I encourage you to become a rose bud.

Thanks for being here.

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